Is DYL Costing You More Than It’s Worth?

Making wise budget decisions is desirable in any economy. When you consider software license costs, support costs, the expense of securing DYL programming expertise, plus the many other costs associated with third party products, you should think seriously about consolidating languages by converting your DYL-280® (CA Advantage™ VISION: Results™) to another language such as COBOL.

Consider The Savings & Benefits:

  • Reduce your software license costs
  • Reduce your support costs
  • Reduce your dependence on a third party product
  • Reduce your need for DYL programming expertise
  • Reduce your exposure to mainframe “lock-in”

Datatek’s quick, cost-effective conversion process converts DYL-280 source code to a target language of your choice. The resulting converted code is well structured, maintainable, and is customized to meet the standards of your programming environment.

Datatek has been successfully performing automated language conversions and system migrations since 1994. We’ve performed over a hundred application conversions and complete system migrations customizing the process for each client’s needs.

Have More Than Just DYL to Convert?

DYL language conversions are often only part of a company’s overall attempt to optimize their IT operations. A larger project may involve multiple language conversions (Assembler, PL/I, COBOL, etc.), script and macro conversions, data conversion, database migration (hierarchical and/or relational), server consolidation, third party integration, other report writing languages (such as CA-Easytrieve®), and much more. If this is true for your project, call a Datatek project manager today at 800-536-4TEK to discuss how our System Migration services can be of benefit to you.

Ready For More Information?

Call 800-536-4TEK and speak to a Datatek project manager today! Email Datatek at Do you have more than just DYL to convert? Learn about Datatek's System Migration Service.

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Fortune 1000 Specialty Retailer

A Fortune 1000 specialty retailer wanted to migrate their legacy IBM Mainframe applications to an Open Systems platform. Their software suite was written in a combination of DYL280, COBOL, and Assembler.…

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